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29-Sep-2017 05:15

Macy) largely out of commission, and Fiona Gallagher (Emmy Rossum) hitting rock bottom, the show has really allowed some of the rest of the Gallagher clan to shine.

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Once the light dinged and the doors opened up, Mickey rushed in and quickly pushed the button for the garage, and when the doors finally closed he fell to his knees and allowed himself to break down.………Today was not a fantastic day. But Ian is hiding a secret from everyone and starts to realise that keeping a secret and being jealous that your best friend is dating other people is harder than it seems. On a cold winter morning, the day after Ian was forced to come out, Lip solves that problem for him.Both parts of the series take place at roughly the same time. Started dating when lip finally admits he loves mickey. So might be a bit ooc.) Set in the usual shameless world. Ian and mickey are stable after the bipolar incident.

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(Svetlana and yev also don't exists)Lip and mickeys been friends since they were 16.

From the start, Monaghan’s Ian Gallagher was touted as a “unique” gay character on television. And while it’s true that Ian is a bit more rough and tumble than your usual gay stereotype, he’s still a fairly sensitive boy.

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